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Applicable keyboard

The key cap is suitable for most MX axis (cross-axis) mechanical keyboards, such as the green axis black axis red axis tea shaft, not suitable for membrane keyboard and notebook keyboard

Material process

The key cap material is zinc-aluminum alloy ZNAL903, which is designed and manufactured by three-dimensional relief. It adopts various coloring processes such as electroplating, electrophoresis and baking paint, and the process is complicated.

Key cap height

The total height of the key cap is about 11.0mm, which is close to the height of the OEM R4. It is about 9.8mm after removing the surface relief pattern. It is close to the original R4 height of the cherry. It is recommended to install in the ESC, F area, and the main key digit area.

Slot tight

Different keyboards, different axes, and buckle sizes will vary. We can’t guarantee that the keycap slot is just right for all keyboard latches, so the slots on the back of the keycap are all open-ended for easy tool tuning.

Additional information

Brand Name



Key Caps


zinc aluminum alloy


MX axis (cross type)

Keycap height


Product size



Jian Shi


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